About Us
Our Vision
Improving lives of people by facilitating quality, affordable, convenient and personalised healthcare
Our Mission
Synchronising the fragmented healthcare delivery process with the needs of the health seekers to impact the two real issues - Cost of quality healthcare delivery and wellbeing.
What we do
We help providers build successful healthcare practices
by increasing savings, enhancing customer experience and improving outcomes
Medical needs of the health seeker go beyond just treatments and procedures. The process of providing access, delivering and continuing care is as important as the treatment itself. Many doctors are not prepared for the business side of their practice and focus purely on patient care. They don't know how to grow their medical practice to take it to the next level because they are not taught business skills in medical school. The S10 Health partnership helps them with business management tools that will allow clinicians focus on the practice and let S10 health focus on building the business, marketing, training, technology, leadership, operations standards and finance.
Our solutions address the common problems faced by healthcare facility
Lack of Skilled Workforce
Competitive Pressure
Growing Customer Aspiration
S10 Health bridges the gap between the health seekers' needs and doctors' practice objectives by synchronisation of the healthcare delivery process. It could be increasing the number of patient encounters and reducing patient wait times in high traffic practices or increasing the patient flow of a budding practice.
A differentiated company

Deep healthcare expertise and IPR - IP based on proven pathways for medical science protocols, global healthcare norms, compliance, outcomes & systems cost reduction derived from virtual scribing operations forms the core of the organisation

Dynamic product line - Product line focussed on reducing cost of quality healthcare delivery and self-directed health and wellness for consumers is built on our IP with machine learning principles to enable long term relationship with providers and health seekers.

Innovative business model - Business model built on the demand / supply synchronisation principles drives better unit economics.

Our Values
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Reliable and Responsive
  • Respect for people
  • Informed performance
  • Well-being of
    the community we serve
... 600 Partnered Clinics
... 10,000 Doctors in the Network
... 10,00,000 Satisfied Health Seekers