Virtual consulting and in-person consulting

S10.Clinic is designed to continue care even without the patients visiting the clinic or doctor being in the clinic. It provides a seamless movement between in-person consulting and virtual consulting. Virtual consulting is great for follow-up care, urgent care, chronic care, pain management, and medication management. The system provides excellent video quality and even if the patient is miles away virtual clinic equips the doctors with the features needed to chart, prescribe and take clinical notes without any distortion in the flow of his diagnosis.

  • Online appointment microsite
  • One click Virtual Consulting
  • Schedule management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Billing and online payment
  • e-Prescription with pharmacy
  • Easy charting with EMR
  • App for doctors and patients

Improve Patient Experience

Get access to healthcare in just a few easy steps. Patients experience quality health care from the comfort of their homes.

  • Patients get more control of their health
  • Improved outcomes and satisfaction
  • Urgent care just a click away
  • No wait times
  • No traffic jams

Doctors get more successful

Physicians can set their profile, indicate their availability and get ready to go on-call for virtual consulting. Patients and physicians get reminder notifications with the link to the virtual consulting room on the day of appointment. Virtual consulting helps physicians:

  • Reduce - No shows, late arrivals or last-minute cancellations
  • Continue to practise even when they are not able to go to clinic due to pandemics like COVID-19 or other disruptions
  • Handle follow up and chronic care through online consulting without blocking expensive office space
  • Grow practice revenue and attract new customers
  • Reach remote and rural areas

App that transforms the way you care

Take your clinic with you

  • Appointment schedule
  • Telemedicine
  • Online payments
  • SMS & alerts
  • Prescriptions
  • Electronic health records

Give peace of mind to your patients

  • Instant appointments
  • Get treated at home
  • No waiting time
  • Lower cost
  • Electronic health records
  • Appointment alerts

Physicians Angels - Virtual Scribing

S10.Clinic is integrated to Physicians Angels virtual scribing. If you are a customer of Physicians Angels and would like to do virtual consulting or you are new to virtual consulting and would like to have virtual scribe support in charting and handling the virtual consulting session, no worries, just register here, our executive will reach out to you.

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