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Laser Liposuction


Ovarian Cysts!  Get the facts – uncovered

An ovarian cyst! Sounds scary? Wondering what it is and whether it is dangerous? Now, to get things straight, ovarian cysts are ju...

Keeping back and shoulder pain at bay - Reasons and simple remedial measures!
Bone & Joint

If you have ever had a bout of back or shoulder pain, you’re not alone.

Have age spots, acne scars or clogged pores? Reasons and ways to minimize them

Can’t face the world? Is your skin a problem? What’s spoiling your skin? Be it age spots, acne scars or clogged pore...

Keep an “EYE” on your New Year resolutions

Did you see the amazing sunset last evening? Did you watch your toddler take his tentative first steps? Yes, everyday our eyes cap...