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AI Driven App

Improving individual performance by digitally empowering people with a technology platform that enables them to monitor their fitness and improve performance. The app gives a means to continue training even if the members are not willing to go to the centre

  • Data-driven member fitness profile - Multifaceted, multidimensional and horizontal digital fitness profile for every member provide actionable insights. Individual assessment reports fully integrated with App
  • Measure and understand your complete fitness - Assessment result provides the current fitness status and health coaches educate them about the areas of improvement and the way forward. Fitness trend analysis - weekly, monthly, annually
  • Establish goals and personalise your plan - Based on the findings and fitness goal, personalised daily action plan that enhances the performance is provided
  • Personalized, engaging fitness journey - A timeline view of member program activities, upcoming appointments and recommended content to support ongoing fitness journey
  • Monitor progress - Feel improvement and review new goals with scientifically designed plans that provide the desired outcomes


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