Waning libido - Reasons and ways to deal with it!
30 Dec' 16

Waning libido - Reasons and ways to deal with it!

Sex has the potential to be either the most interesting or the most dissatisfying aspect of your life. Sex can be a way for you and your spouse to express love, affirmation, and intimacy or it can be a frustrating and empty experience. Recent studies suggest that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are turned off from sex. Do you think that your desire has suddenly floundered or disappeared? Is sex the last thing on your mind these days? If yes, then like many others, even you are a victim of a declining libido. Let’s now analyze the reasons and get to the root of your problem so that you can take action to get it back again!

The following are some of the most common reasons for losing interest in sex and things you can do to put the sizzle back in your love life. 
1. You’ve put on weight: For those who are obese, intimate lives often suffer. When you gain weight, a slew of hormones affecting your libido is thrown out of whack, which can inhibit your sexual desires. Yes, excess body weight can deplete your energy, which leads to a drop in your levels of sexual excitement.
Solution – Commit to a fitness regime and get back to a healthy weight. Exercise can definitely invigorate your sexual energy.
2. You’re on medications: If you are taking any medications, whether to treat depression or to get rid of a rash it might deplete you and your sex drive.
Solution – Make lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet which may help you to cut back on medication.  Also, check with your doctor and see if switching to a different brand helps.
3. You’re aging: You may be less inclined towards sex as you age due to the decline of sex hormones, age-related health problems and side effects of medication taken for chronic health problems. 
Solution – Eat right, exercise regularly, avoid tobacco and limit your consumption of alcohol.
4. You’re tired and stressed: The hectic schedules of daily life can take a toll on your level of intimacy and sex drive. Has anything been happening in your life recently that is causing extra stress and leaving you tried? Remember, when you are stressed or tired, it may be difficult to summon up much interest.
Solution: Plan a weekend getaway or take a vacation. Also, make sure to think of sex as a fun break rather than just another task, you’ll most likely start to look forward to it.
5. You’re on contraceptives: Using some types of hormonal contraception could mess up with your libido.
Solution: If you are worried that your contraception is putting a damper on your libido, its time you talk to your doctor who may suggest trying an alternative method, that may improve the way you feel. 
Sexual desires ebb and flow quite a bit. Sometimes you feel really sexy, sometimes you don’t. Do you think of late the spark in your relationship has fizzled out? Or are you losing interest in having sex?  Perhaps if one of the above reasons rings a bell, you can take the necessary steps and start enjoying an amazing love life again! Yes, it’s time you get your love life back on track!


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