Zygoma Implants
16 Feb' 16

Zygoma Implants

Heard about the newest Zygoma Implants and wondering if you could be a candidate?
To get you better acquainted; zygomatic implants are an alternative to the more traditional dental implants which involve drilling directly into the jawbone. The implants are anchored in the upper jawbone, which is close to the cheekbone or the dense zygoma bone; hence the name. These surgically-placed implants are therefore much longer than the traditional implants.

Who is eligible for zygoma implants?
If the person has missing or shaky teeth in their upper jaw; if they are wearing complete dentures; they are candidates for zygoma implants. Nowadays, a majority of zygoma implant patients are young people between the ages of 25 and 40 years of age. These prosthetic implants are appropriate for all age groups except for children.
This 'graft less' technique was developed by Professor Branemark and Nobel Biocare in Sweden.

Due to the long drilling distance to the zygomatic bone and in order to protect critical anatomical structures that are in the region; the placement of zygomatic implants requires considerable surgical training and experience and meticulous diagnostic planning by the dental team.

The new, artificial set of permanent teeth are fixed almost immediately, in about 2-3 days; allowing patients to drink, eat normal food and, smile confidently. The functional, aesthetic and psychological benefits of this procedure in the short time are truly tremendous!

To receive an adequate overview of the anatomical structures; a pre-surgical 3D plan including CT or CBCT scans is completed for the patient.

Alternatively the extra sinus placement approach has been chosen in order to reduce the chances of sinus complications. This also improves the implant location and helps position the emergence profile more correctly.
Another merit of zygomatic implants is that they avoid grafting and sinus lift procedures and therefore contribute to a shorter and more comfortable treatment.

The advantages that Zygomatic Implants have over conventional implant techniques:

- Give you a fixed row of teeth within 72 hours (3 days) as opposed to up to 6 months
- You do not need any type of bone graft (graft-less technique)
- Far less discomfort for patient
- The ability to immediate bite and chew, crunchy and hard food stuff
- Instant confidence boost with great looking teeth!

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