Smart EMR
Virtual medical scribes with Cloud EMR
A new tool in healthcare that increases a physician's productivity is the virtual EMR scribe - Smart EMR’s. Virtual scribes free physicians to interact with patients, handling the 'paper care' and the technology while physicians handle the 'patient care'. We believe that no doctor should spend time in managing paper work or IT every day. Smart EMR helps providers to focus on what they do best: patient care. Today, we are the leader in providing virtual workforce solutions to medical practices throughout the United States. With our EMR we relieve the doctors from the hassles of investing and managing IT.
What we do
Along with our EMR we also provide medical professionals with highly-trained staff to manage the increasing amounts of EMR data entry required to practice medicine today. We believe that no doctor should have to type or point and click in an EHR for hours every day. S10 Health helps medical professionals to focus on what they’re trained for and do best: patient care. We remain the leader in providing secure and affordable EMR virtual scribing solutions to medical practices throughout the United States.
With the virtual scribes assisting the physicians in charting on the EHR, the physicians spend more face time with the patients and are not closeted behind the computers. The health seekers walk out happy and the physician can quickly move over to the next health seeker and not be burdened with dictating or scribbling notes. Our customer physicians are able to generate more revenues by seeing more patients and complying with Meaningful Use by completing the documentation on the same day.
We pioneered the process what is referred to today as, 'Virtual Scribing’. This along with our EMR which has virtual scribing module embedded creates a new level of efficiency. This process eliminates EMR data entry for the Physicians; allowing them to focus completely on the health seekers' needs. Our scribes or 'Angels' as we call them rely on modern EMR, angel bots and communication technology but complement it with their in-depth understanding of the Physician's treatments and procedures.
With nearly 1000 Physicians and over 100 Clinic sites already using our solutions, virtual scribing has proved to generate more revenues in lesser time frames at a fraction of what it would cost to implement it.
In order to develop a closer relationship with the health seekers, we offer various channels of engagement including, 24×7 contact centre support and APPs.
How do you benefit?
Cost savings
No separate investment on EMR needed , saves up to 25K$ annually
- Helps see more patients , 40% more billing
Gain lost hours
Saves several hours each day of typing, dictating and managing IT
Help clinic run more smoothly
HIPAA Compliant
Helps meet the meaningful use requirement
Reduce EMR data entry workload
Helps complete the charts the same day
... 600 Partnered Practice in US
... 10,000 Physicians in the Network
... 10,00,000 Satisfied Health Seekers
A perfect balance of technology and personal touch makes healthcare seekers happier connecting with you.
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