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Personalised chronic care plans, continuous monitoring through devices and condition management dashboard to continue care beyond clinic which improves the wellbeing of patients

Chronic care needs continuous monitoring and condition management capabilities on a large scale. We provide the following benefits :

  • Create condition-based care plans: Patient cohorts based treatment plan creation, Treatment progress feedback, vital monitoring, test schedules, and medication compliance.
  • Personalise care plans to suit individuals :
  • Patient status dashboard: View patients who are in high-risk zone and need timely intervention.
  • Multifaceted condition risk dashboard: Different aspects of human health is tracked on a dashboard to access life lifestyle, behavior, risk factor and condition trend.
  • Multidimensional health data analysis: Each health parameter value is analysed over timeframe
  • Longitudinal risk trend: View patients risk reduction / increase trend.
  • Assess treatment efficacy including adverse reaction

Subjective post treatment feedback loops and medical-grade wireless remote monitoring devices automates vitals logging and patient's treatment progress at home

  • The wearables: It continually performs accurate, clinical-grade monitoring of three vital parameters: pulse rate, skin temperature and oxygen saturation. The wearable is rugged and water-resistant. It is constructed of a biocompatible material and is easy to maintain.
  • Other devices: Devices are also available for monitoring blood glucose, blood pressure and ECG
  • The web interface: As a clinician, you will truly appreciate the features of the Web interface, which permits you to monitor multiple patients simultaneously. Patients at home can also be monitored.
  • Virtual Consultation: Intervene immediately through virtual consultation that combines video, voice and text chat with easy online payment option.

This module can be used by the health coaches to impart education, lifestyle behavior change support and coping strategies including coaching for exercise, diet and preventive health to help the individuals adhere to the plan provided by the specialists and to self-manage their health condition and wellness.

  • Appointment schedule for health coaches from the app
  • Health coaching dashboard
  • Categorising patients based on their adoption cycle
  • Behaviour change coaching model
  • Context specific prompts to support coaching
  • Patient education and learning assessment
  • Text chat and video chats

The unified clinic platform automate the appointment booking to patient empowerment process. It is suited for multi locational small and medium sized ambulatory care clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and solo practices, for both core medical and allied health services.

Make the front office efficient with advanced scheduler that's easy to use and works on any platform.

  • Appointment: Online appointment and intake form registration through the website.
  • Appointment Reminders: Reduce no-shows and late arrivals by utilising the auto reminder feature. Set alerts to remind patients before each appointment either by mail, sms or both.
  • Schedule dashboard: dashboard provides daily appointment view for each provider, practice and location.
  • Continuity of care appointments: Ability to schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly visits frequency and schedule reminder for appointment.
  • Customizable Messaging: Easily customize patient appointment reminders via text messages and email notifications.

Simple and easy to use EMR available in the cloud and mobile enables doctors to deliver care in an efficient manner. Configure practice workflow for episodic care and continuous care based on your proprietary clinical pathway and medical protocol, to deliver better outcomes and greater value to your patients.

  • Simplified Workflow: EMR supports the SOAP protocol. The workflow can be set for individual providers based on their treatment models.
  • Customizable Workspace: To declutter individual workspaces and manage security the features from appointment scheduling to patient charting process can be configured on a per provider basis.
  • Treatment plans: Treatment plans can be created for patient cohorts making treatment plan process simple.
  • Clinical notes made easy: Template driven clinical notes to make the charting process simple and faster.
  • Estimates:The treatment plan is flipped to an estimate. The pricing can be based on each items that goes into the treatment or a bundle pricing model can be.
  • Case sheets of patients: A consolidated view of all the treatments performed to the patient, with an easy and simple option to print the same.
  • Printed prescriptions: Prescription plans can be configured for different conditions. Doctors can prescribe and send it directly to the in-house pharmacy or external pharmacy. The prescription can be printed, mailed and made available in the app.
  • Case images and reports: All case images and reports can be uploaded to the patient profile for later access.
  • Clinical records: The clinical records are stored in Longitudinal manner for each access and analyse trends
  • MyClinic Mobile apps: Doctors can view patient schedule, reschedule , message staff and review, edit or print patient chart notes even when they are not in the office using the myClinic Mobile app.

A federated billing and payment module is enabled to bill and collect at point of service like consultation, treatment, pharmacy, labs and allied services

  • Billing :Service and product billing with GST, discount, promotion and free sample dispensing.
  • Revenue :Revenue analysis across time, services and customer.
  • Receivables :Receivable analysis and track patients with receivable as the patient moves through his clinic visit.
  • Patient :Patient wise revenue and services analysis. Repeat customers' vs new customer analysis.
  • Online payments :Receive payments online for services.
  • Subscription management :Automated subscription reminders with alert for renewal, billing & payment receipts.
  • Easy to maintain accounts :With a simple invoicing system receivable and payables are available at a click of a button.
  • Integration :Integration support available to the financial accounting system.

There are two type of feedbacks that can be collected from the patients. General feedback and treatment feedback. Feedbacks help in continuously improving the services for the patient and build a loyal customer base.

  • General feedback: General feedback is about the clinic experience, staff behavior and efficiency of operations.
  • Treatment feedback: Treatment feedback helps in understanding the effectiveness of the treatment and patient recovery progress.
  • Multi-channel: Feedback can be triggered through multi-channel - mail, online, app and call center.
  • Clinic Feedback Analytics: Analysis trend of each parameters across patients.
  • Treatment feedback analytics: Treatment plan effectiveness across patient analysis and symptom trend across patients for a plan.

In a continuity care model providing the complete medical service needs at one place is essential for patient convenience. Pharmacy and lab interface provide the ability to deliver these allied services within the clinic.

The pharmacy module can be used for standalone unit or as attached to a clinic.

  • Refill Scheduler: It enables you to know the details of who is purchasing the Rx.
  • Prescription from EMR: The pharmacy can pick up prescription from the EMR, APP or the web.
  • Inventory master: Category, SKU Code, buying unit, selling unit, and tax category.
  • Packing slip and GRN
  • Inventory management: Information about Quantity on Hand (QOH), short shipment, pending orders.
  • Purchase: Purchase order, buying unit and dispensing unit Price. Stock transfers across locations.
  • Multiple dispensing mode: LIFO/FIFO/FEFO or manual.
  • Support For Batching
  • Reorder level and Alert
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Intake and Stock Transfer: Clinic to Vendor, clinic to clinic, etc.
  • Reporting: Elaborate reports across sales, purchase, stock transfers stock register and current stock levels

As evidence based healthcare and preventive healthcare is becoming the norm diagnostics interface to own lab or partner labs has become critical. For doctors to deliver effective care. All health assessments results are digitalised to provide dashboards of each patient for the doctors to get an instant understanding on the health risk profile and its trends. Diagnostic AI scans through the assessment reports and past health data and trigger personal health condition risk and build organisation health index in real time.

  • Create multiple diagnostics packages for different patient groups.
  • Make these packages available for doctors to order test.
  • Tests can be routed to the lab directly or onsite phlebotomist with appointment
  • Lab can reschedule appointment for visit or home blood collection
  • Directly enter test data and attach test reports
  • Lab can intake patients
  • Test report and test data routed to the doctor and the patient.
  • Patient can view results in the app or receive through mail.
  • Diagnostic AI classifies the test results to different risks.
  • Diagnostic AI would also create a personalised disease risk profile.
  • Trend report for each test parameters

Patient App is a white labeled patient self-management app that empowers providers to monitor compliance of medication, diet and physical activity while keeping track of vitals and symptoms through AI driven dashboards and devices.

  • AI driven dashboard for periodically triggering assessments and scanning health records for health risks and conditions to prioritise care.
  • Ability to create condition specific action plan including
  • Condition management,
  • Symptom monitoring,
  • Vitals tracking,
  • Exercise programs and tracking
  • Diet recommendations and tracking
  • Preventive health.
  • Access to interventions including
  • Doctor appointments
  • Medication ordering
  • Diagnostics requests
  • Virtual consulting with health care professionals
  • Remote health coaches
  • Multifaceted, multi-dimensional and longitudinal health records
  • Compliance to the privacy laws
  • Assist in improving self-regulation by identifying key parameters that needs to be monitored, standard of desirable values for these parameters and motivation to meet these values
  • Alert on symptom monitoring and health schedules provides a higher frequency of automated and human contacts that ensures adherence

The Control Panel provides the ability to view and change software system settings. It consists of a set of function for adding or removing modules, controlling user accounts, changing accessibility options, data formats, time zones, multi-location and setting up individual user workflow.

  • Setting up organization and locations
  • Module for Pharmacy, diagnostics, health centre management
  • Community bridge - Extending the clinic to schools, corporates
  • Onboarding Members - Patients, Students and Employees
  • Onboarding of vendors - Diagnostics, allied services and pharmacies
  • Population Dashboard - Demography based epidemiological trends
  • Roles, users management and privileges
  • Subscription management
  • Health screening camp management

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